Kids Today Wouldn’t Even Know How To USE This Stuff From Our Childhood

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This list might make you feel nostalgic but it won’t stir up a single emotion for your kids. Check out this list of toys and other innovations that kids today simply wouldn’t know how to operate:

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#10 – The Phone Book. Now that we have mobile phones that save our numbers and Google to search for any old numbers, phone books have become obsolete.

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#9 – The TV Guide. Before the Internet, pirating and Amazon was around, you had to use the TV Guide to figure out what you were watching.

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#8 – Rotary dial telephones. You may recognize these from museums?

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#7 – Video rental stores. Before instant access to movies, people had to actually go to the store, purchase the video and return it… on time!

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#6 – Beepers (or pagers). Cheap and reliable cell phones sent these early-day communicators the way of the dinosaurs.

Watch the video for the top five long-forgotten “innovations” from your youth:

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