Kids Receive Safety Helmets As Part Of Bike Safety Initiative

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Over 80 elementary school kids at the Lied Boys and Girls Club, 464 Concord St., received a new helmet donated by United Healthcare.

The kids’ event was in part to promote the Tour of Utah race which begins next Monday. At the various locations during Tour of Utah, kids ages 5-12 can participate in events.

The multiday race begins in Logan and ends in Salt Lake City and United Healthcare has a team competing in the event.

Members of the United Healthcare Pro Cycling team — Jonny Clarke, Lachlan Norris and Sebastian Haedo — handed out boxes of bike helmets Friday as a chorus of “whoas” filled the gym when the kids first scrambled inside and caught sight of the helmets.

“They’re all having fun, so that’s the main part,” said Clarke, a pro cyclist from Melbourne, Australia. “Hopefully they take on board some of the safety stuff and nutrition. But I think it’s most important to have fun.”

After the kids received their helmets, they went to three stations: learning exercise stretches with the cyclists, bike safety with Chipping and sticker decorating.

How amazing is this!

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