Keeping Your Children Safe At The Pool

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Summer is in here and that means more time spent at the pool.

We thought it’s appropriate to share a few tips to help parents keep their kids safe, whether they’re swimming at a public pool or even just in the backyard:

  1. First and foremost: swimming lessons for your children is always a good idea
  2. Supervision: Parents should be aware of their child’s skill level in terms of swimming and always keep an eye on them while they are in or close to water.
  3. Floating Devices: choosing the right flotation device for a kid is an important step to keeping them safe. A Coastguard-approved life vest made of foam is the safest option. Flotation devices made of air may easily pop or deflate and do not support the child’s entire body.
  4. Practice: Reinforce lessons learned at swimming lessons, while at home in the pool. For example, let them practice rolling onto their backs – this is a lifesaving technique which will allow them to breathe and also call for help should they fall into the pool.
  5.  Look out for these warning signs which may indicate your child needs a break from swimming:
  • If a child says they are too hot, too cold, too sunburnt or too tired, it may be an indicator they need a break.
  • If you see a child walking along the wall of a pool, it may be a sign they are too tired or not feeling well.
  1. Encourage your children to take a break at least every 45 minutes to take a breather in the shade, drink some water and reapply some sunscreen.




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