Katie Price Discusses Possibility Of Hiring Adult Worker For Autistic Son

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Katie Price is a former glamour model reality star, novelist, and singer who’s also one of the panelists on the hit TV talk show Loose Women.

The Mom of five recently spoke about her eldest son Harvey on her talk show and her concerns about his sexual development now that he’s 15 years old. Harvey has severe autism and ADHD, and he’s partially blind. He also suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome.

On the show, Price opened up, saying that she has contemplated hiring an adult worker for her son when he reaches the age of consent.

Price was interviewing author Kathy Lette on her show Loose Women as well as Lette’s son Jules, who has high functioning autism.

During the interview the author model admitted that she had contemplated hiring a professional for her son to experience adult relations when he turned 21, concerned he might not be able to experience it otherwise.

“I did a recce through the red light district but at the last minute I went home,” Kathy explained. “A few weeks later Jules met his girlfriend, fell in love and nature took its course.”

Price, who’s own son has autism, opened up about how she and her husband have spoken about hiring her son Harvey a professional when he turns 18 years. Price, who has always been a very devoted mother to her son, expressed her concern over her son and his sexual development now that he’s 15.

While speaking with Lette and her son during the interview, she opened up saying that she and her husband have discussed the fact that puberty is now happening with Harvey.

My son Harvey has autism, and he’s just hit puberty, and it’s obviously natural to experiment with yourself during puberty,” she said during the show.

He [Jules] has high function autism, so he’s [Harvey is] at the opposite end … and I’m like, ‘Is it fair to let him go without?’

Price revealed that her husband Kiernan has also joked in the past about hiring an adult worker for Harvey once he turns 18, but she admits that it’s hard for her to think about that just yet.

“Kieran joked “shall we get him [an adult worker] for his 18th birthday” and I was like “well that’s my little Harvey,” she said, clearly hard for her to imagine her son old enough.

He hasn’t got a clue about that side, but then do you bring it on? What do you do, do I leave it? Do I let him experience it?”

Naturally, people had strong feelings about Katie and her questions about Harvey. Commenters on US Weekly’s column seemed to be very undecided about their thoughts on Price hiring a professional for her son.

“This child has severe autism among other medical problems like his going blind and has a eating disorder where he can’t control his appetite! This child has no clue what sex is and am sure has no desire for this even when he turn 18!! Just leave it alone and let him be,” wrote one commenter.

My son’s autistic; & not the high functioning kind. I’ve considered this option. He’s 16 years old & has the same urges as any other 16-year-old male. It’s hard & I’m not taking the possibility off the table,” wrote another.

Still, some people think the idea is horrible.” I don’t know this woman and I hate her! Why on earth would a mother with a severely autistic son would ever think about doing such a thing? She disgust me. Her and her stupid husband” said one

While other people completely understand the idea.

“As someone who has Aspergers, I can say it would have been nice if my parents did this for me when I turned 18.”

What do you think about this? She’s not saying she would definitely do it, but she’s speaking about her options should her son express sexual desires at that time. What would you do?

She’s not saying she would definitely do it, but she’s speaking about her options should her son express sexual desires at that time. What would you do?

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