Judge Stuns This Mom After He Hears The Mom Has Lost Her Son

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When Andrea walked into the courtroom, the Judge, Frank Caprio, told her that she had parking tickets that dated back to 2004-2005 of which she wasn’t even aware. The tickets only amounted to about $50, but they were adding up.

The conversation took a turn when they spoke about Andrea’s more recent tickets.Andrea revealed to the judge that her son was killed in March 2016.

When the judge became aware of her son’s death, the social security office cut her check because her son had reportedly owed $75 to the state.

When leaving the office after sorting things out, she found a parking ticket on her car.From there on, the year just continued to spiral downward.

Andrea’s landlord evicted her and after coming out of court to settle that dispute, she found another parking ticket on her car.

Then, after going to another office for legal services – she ran inside a coffee shop for change and when she came out she had gotten yet another ticket…

“It’s like I can’t win,” she tearfully told the judge.

Andrea said that she is still paying off her son’s funeral while struggling to collect the funds to pay all her tickets and move into a new place. She told Judge Caprio she is on anti-depressants and feels “empty and lost.”

The Judge really couldn’t help but be sympathetic toward the helpless mother. However, Andrea never expected what he would do after hearing that she’d only leave the court with only 5 dollars in her pocket.

Watch the video to see what the Judge says….

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