JetBlue’s Emotive Ad Makes Us More Sympathetic Towards That Mom Flying With The Crying Baby

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It’s always funny to see the look on the person’s face who just realizes they will be seated next to the Mom who has a baby strapped to her chest, as she boards a flight. The person usually smiles, but at the same time is thinking that they have a very long journey ahead.

Until you’ve been that Mom yourself, you really have no clue how tough those few hours can be. If your baby is small the baby has to be confined to your lap in the already limited space, you have to stress about where, how and when your baby will need a nappy change and of course then there’s the worry that your baby will in fact scream the entire journey through.

Cleverly and just in time for Mothers Day, JetBlue has come up with a quirky and original advertisement which will make those irritated passengers think twice about rolling their eyes and groaning about the crying baby on-board.

The ad shows a few moms apprehensive about flying with their offspring for all the reasons they should be scared – the main reason being those annoyed passengers.

Then JetBlue does something to make people not peeved at the babies on board –

on a flight from New York to California, it is announced that for every crying baby, each passenger will receive 25% off their next flight, hence if four babies cry – they will each get 100% off.

There were at least four cries throughout the flight which meant everyone got their 100% off and for once people were happy to hear those baby cries.

At the end of the ad, the message on the screen reads “Next time, smile at a baby … for crying out loud”.

Hopefully this ad sends a message to other airlines, in the hopes of them coming up with other ways of making Moms and Tots on-board more comfortable.

Here are a few tips to help you get through a flight with your baby or small child:

  1. Choose your seats wisely

If you are able to, check out the layout of the airplane beforehand and try to find the seats with the most leg room.

Most airlines do not charge for children under two years of age if they sit on your lap, however consider paying for a seat if it will make things easier if baby is strapped in a car seat in the seat next to you.

  1. Timing of flights

You would know your child’s nap times best, so try to schedule your flights around this time and if you are lucky enough, your child may sleep the duration of the flight. 

  1. Prepare for the take-off and landing

The air pressure changes during take-off and landing may affect a baby’s ears. Try to feed your child during this time (the sucking motion helps) or ensure that he or she is asleep.

  1. Free up your hands

To get through the airport, you going to need a free hand, so have a stroller or baby carrier handy.

  1. Pack Smartly

It’s hard to pack lightly if you have kids, but try not to pack things like unnecessary toys as your child will most likely be fascinated with new things on the airplane.

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