Jessica Simpson Shares Photo Of Sick Kids And Sparks Huge Debate About Vaccinations

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This Winter has been draining and scary at times. The flu season is no joke this year and all the warnings we have been hearing about how it’s bad is definitely a cause for concern.

It seems like there is more than just one flu strain going around, too.

Some people’s stomachs get affected. Others make your throat feel like its on fire.

Another strand comes with a super high fever and makes you wonder when you will ever feel normal again.

Celebrities are not immune to the flu.

Pink had to sing recently while recovering from the flu at the Super Bowl this weekend. And Jessica Simpson’s kids are sick, too.

Jessica Simpson too.

Jessica has two kids, 4-year-old Maxwell Drew and 2-year-old Ace Knute. It doesn’t seem to matter what she posts online about these kids of hers, people will throw hate.

That’s kind of what happened when she shared that her kids are sick with the flu.

Jessica Simpson took to social media to share that yeah, her kids are sick. She shared a cute, but sad, pic of her two little ones. They’re cuddled up on the couch in their pj’s and you can tell the sweet little babes do not feel well.

The mom posted the caption, “Fevers and the flu, but still so cute 😇😇”

It’s funny how when our children are sick and still that we can still see glimpses of their features from when they were babies. It doesn’t matter how big our children get, when they’re sick and need their mama, we will always be there.

We’re always going to think our kids are cute.

There have been a lot of warnings from medical professionals that are concerned about people getting the flu vaccination.

IT’s been recommended, suggested heavily and then reiterated because it’s so important. Officials are saying that getting the flu shot might not stop you from getting the flu in the first place, but it can and will also make your flu last a shorter period of time and will take away a lot of the risks for complications.

So, when Jessica posted her kids have the flu — those questions came flying. And the debates began.

“Did you get the flu shot for your family?”“the flu shot doesn’t work,” one person said. 

“The cdc spokes person said on our news station here in TX that the wrong strain was predicted when they were producing the vaccine.”

“If they got the flu vaccine it won’t be as bad as others who didn’t.”

“Did they get the flu shot?”

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection

Another touts, “I never get the flu*knock on wood* and never get the shot. I don’t even remember the last time I got one.” They continue, “I mostly eat healthy, take vitamins, probiotics, and I wash my hands like crazy. Most people don’t even think about it after pumping gas, shopping carts, light switches, door knobs. When I come home its the first thing I do.”

“Just don’t give tamiflu! Lots of natural healers, my kids just had this 🤒😷🤧 I hope they feel better soon”Wishes

People obviously also chimed in with their well wishes. Because at the end of the day, we are all moms who all hate seeing our kids sick. We all want what is best for our little ones and seeing them feel sick is the worst.

“Hope they feel better soon”

“ugh the whole US has it! Hang in there cuties! You need our #Momlife hat !! xox”“Still so pretty! Feel better soon and hope momma won’t get sick too!”

“Dealing with the same cuteness and not-so-cute in our home! I hope your little ones feel better soon”

Has your family been hit hard with the flu this season?

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