Jessica Biel Thought She Was A Failure After Her C-Section

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Jessica Biel admits that she felt like a failure after she gave birth.

But why? 

Because she had a C-section. 

For Jessica, things didn’t go as planned as she hoped, and now she’s opening up about the experience with her fans.

As many already know, Jessica Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake love being parents to their adorable son Silas. 

They are even thinking about adding another member to their growing family.

Jessica, however, has her doubts. That’s because she doesn’t want to go through what she dealt with the first time around. She had her self-doubt. She had her fears just like the rest of us. And worst of all, she had to deal with her disappointment.

Many women have their birthing plans and when things go wrong, it can feel like the entire world is caving in on you. 

It’s not a pleasant thing to deal with. Jessica Biel has opened up about those feelings while is most reassuring for her fans.

Jessica Biel wanted to have a natural birth. At least, that was her plan when she was still pregnant with her son Silas.

That was a very transformative experience, because I had such a plan,” Jessica told Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

Jessica says that even though it’s been several years since she gave birth, she still thinks about how things went terribly wrong that day. At least, they went terribly wrong, according to her. She ended up giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, but she envisioned it to be quite different.

She continued, “I thought, this was going to happen and this is the way it shall be, and everything happened the opposite way and it was a great lesson in knowing in the future, ‘OK, you know things in life you plan and you have to be flexible,’ especially being a parent and having to go, ‘OK, we’re changing the plan, we’re not going there, we’re having a meltdown,’ or ‘We’re having a good day, let’s go get in the car or jump in a plane,’ like, you have to be flexible, and I had a very hard mindset of what I wanted to happen.”

Despite things not going her way that day, Jessica says that she still has so much admiration for the women who do end up giving birth naturally. 

Even though Jessica has come to terms with what had happened that day, she still wishes that things would have worked out differently for her.

“And I’m just in awe of women who have a natural birth and if I have the opportunity to try it again or do it again, it will be amazing,” she added. “And, if not, I don’t have that feeling anymore. I don’t have that intense drive that it will make me more of a woman or more of a mother or I failed because I felt as if I failed him, because my body didn’t work the way it was supposed to work.”

Many may be wondering why Jessica has decided to open up about this now, even though her son just turned 3. Jessica says it’s because she doesn’t want to carry the feelings around as if it were a stigma. 

Jessica explained, “I think its important to talk about these things because there is so much shame and guilt wrapped around motherhood and birth and what it means and how it happens and how you do it and what your choices are,” she said. “It’s important to just say, ‘Well, this is what happened, and you know what? I’m here and he’s here and that’s what we needed to make happen.’”

It’s not easy to tell the world that you felt like a failure on your first day on the job as a mom. Thank you for sharing your experience with other Moms Jessica.

Images: Jessica Biel Instagram

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