Jennifer Garner Gives Hilarious Parenting Advice

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Last month, Jennifer Garner appeared on “Late Night With Seth Myers” and gave Myers some parenting advice as he and his wife are expecting their first child.

Myers asked the mom of three if there was any advice that she wishes someone had shared with her before having her first child.

Garner advised that so many people will give advice.

There are a lot of ‘experts’ out there, and as much as you think, ‘I’m going to follow what this person says. I’m going to follow what that person says. I’m going to read this book. I’m going to have that birth plan’ — it’s not up to you, dude.

Garner gave him the hard truth about parenting:

You’re going to struggle. It’s going to suck, just like for everyone else,

She giggled as she said

Just know in your head this is all going to go to hell in a hand-basket

Meyers also asked if she had read books in preparation of becoming a parent and Garner said she had, but also offered a different approach. As the children’s favorite Disney movie “Frozen,” Garner suggested to “let it go.”

I did it all, but it doesn’t matter. Let it go, don’t worry about it,” she said. “You’re going to struggle. It’s going to suck just like for everyone else.

Myers replied to Garners advice by saying 

Okay, so based on what you told me, I can go back to my wife, who’s just been piling up stacks of books for me, and say, ‘This doesn’t matter,’ 

Garner strongly warned him against that – “Don’t say that to her,” she urged. “Do not say that to her!”

Jennifer recently caused quite a stir with this video (warning contains some strong language):

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