Introducing StarGuard – Pioneering Program to Enhance the Safety of Children – and You’re Wanted!

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3,000 moms or dads sought for the Beta test of StarGuard

Child Safety Network (CSN), a network who has been helping parents raise healthier and safer children for over 25 years, has announced that it’s flagship program called StarGuard, is now ready for its human “Beta” test, prior to distribution.

StarGuard has been under development for a mobile platform for more than 4 years and has cost over $2 million dollars, but now 3,000 moms or dads are being sought for the Beta test on the Kickstarter page.

Earlier this month, Ward Leber, founder of CSN, made the announcement himself at a gathering of California State PTA volunteers. He stated

StarGuard combines smart technology with the power of human beings.” And also noted “We’ve used decades of knowledge and experience in order to craft the smartest program we could. And while it runs on smart technology, it also needs smart parents – both moms and dads.”

StarGuard undertakes to educate, prevent, intervene as well as resolve.

A proprietary mobile app is used, which stores and encrypts important contacts and information about a child. It will find a child’s location and will pick up on discrepancies and will activate and advise parents or guardians, who in turn will be able to ignore, learn or press emergency.

When the emergency option is selected, responders closest to the scene and who is known to the parent is accessed and if needed, 911-trained operators intervene and assess whether to involve a team of FBI and Secret-Service trained personnel.

Safeguard is fast, inexpensive, easy to use, and 24/7.

There’s also an educational aspect to StarGuard whereby columns and tips are included from Dr. Michele Borba, a well-known educator and Mom. Borba says

“It is an absolute honor to be involved with StarGuard,” and “from my vantage point, there’s nothing else like it. And for parents of preteen children, it’s very much needed.”

The purpose of the Beta Test is to establish the fine points of the StarGuard program through parental input.

$59 is the cost to participate in the Beta Test and each participant will also receive “rewards” in the form of a lifetime waiver of the StarGuard activation fee, and 2 free months of service once it is deployed (4 free months for PTA members), obligation free.

Visit the Kickstarter page for full details of the StarGuard program. On the Kickstarter page you will also be able to sign up for the Beta Test as well as other support options.

The link to the Kickstarter page is as follows:

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