Internet Has A Lot To Say After Jessica Simpson’s Son Gets A Haircut

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Jessica Simpson’s son got his first haircut recently and people are having quite a few opinions about it.

The singer and her husband, Eric Johnson, have a 5-year-old daughter named Maxwell as well as a 4-year-old son named Ace. Last week, Simpson posted a photo of Ace after his very first haircut on Instagram.

First haircut ✔️ ” she wrote in the caption. “Thanks @jessieholiday for making my stud look all grown up.”

As Simpson’s followers already know, Ace rocked some long locks for a long time. While many people shared lovely comments about how cute Ace’s new haircut looks, others took the opportunity to criticize his previous hairdo.

No offense but finally!” wrote one commenter. “So much better! Doesn’t look like a girl now,” added another.

Now you can see that cute face… long hair belongs on girls, not boys,” commented another.

In 2017, there is very little surprising anymore, however promoting the notion that little boys can’t have long hair is really getting old!

Maybe it’s time to let our kids just be kids ― and let them wear their hair at whatever length and style that works for them and their parents.

Not too long ago, Jessica also took some flak! Jessica threw a Moana-themed party for her son, who celebrated his 4th birthday alongside his favorite Disney characters. Moana, Maui and even chicken Heihei made appearances at his party!

After some pictures of the party were shared on social media, a lot of people couldn’t help but notice Ace’s sister, Max, in all of her family-fun photos.

The girl managed to steal her brother’s thunder with her sassy poses but nobody is impressed by it.

Critics have left comments such, with one saying, “Why is her 5 yr old daughter wearing makeup and posing with duck lips??!!”

Another says, “Her daughter is already making the trout pout. It’s not cute.”

The little girl’s got high wedges on. What’s that all about at her age?,” snarked another person under her photo share.

That is the second pic that I have seen in the past week of her giving pouty lips to the camera, and it’s not cute. Unfortunately, I think it is indicative of the type of values being instilled in this beautiful child,” complained another Instagram user.

Kids often copy what they see from their Mom and Dad, so can you fault the little girl from wanting to be just like her mom?

Max was not the only thing that people were complaining about. People also found fault with the gift bags and decided to shame Jessica over those as well.

More rich kids giving to other Rick kids. Whoopee!! Like any of them do without anything. I’d like to See those toys going to a charity that give to kids that have nothing,” writes one commenter under the photo of little Ace sitting around the many gift bags. “Not impressed!

A bunch of people jumped to her defense, saying that it’s not excessive for hosts to show appreciation to party guests and she and the family do a lot for others, too.

“he’s giving away “goodie bags” to his friends as a thank you for coming to his party. Pretty normal “party protocol” if you ask me. What’s not normal is shaming a child for doing so. He is doing something wonderful. He’s showing appreciation.” said one commenter.

What are your thoughts on all this Mom shaming going on?

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