Inspiring Mother Of SEVEN Finishing Medical School, On Her Way To Becoming A Doctor

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A local wife and mother of seven from Houston is one step closer to becoming a doctor.

Friday was Match Day, the day that medical school students across the country find out where they will go for their residencies.

It’s a huge day for a lot of people, including hundreds of students here in Houston.

One of those students is Anna Garcia. Her youngest son Gabriel Christian Garcia is just a month old and he’s been attending mandatory lectures with her for three weeks.

Garcia, her husband and their seven kids have big plans ahead.

We’ll be going to the San Antonio Military Medical Center, so we’re in the process of moving. The kids are excited, a little nervous.” Garcia said.

It’s a feeling that so many graduating med school students can relate to.

At McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, Garcia is one of 225 students who found out their residency assignments on Friday.

“There’s years of studying, sacrifices, working so hard…so it’s a culmination of happiness and of what’s coming for the future.” said Dr. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez with the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.

Garcia looks forward to specialize as a military OB-GYN.

“My husband, thankfully, is probably going to stay home for a time. So that will be a big help. I told him, I did it with the other 6…its your turn.” Garcia laughed.

Once she becomes a doctor, yes, she’ll deliver babies.

More importantly…she said she wants to be a voice for other women in the military.

I want to encourage people to go ahead and go for what they believe in. Even if it feels unattainable, and people may tell you you’re nuts in the process.”

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— Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD (@MVGutierrezMD) March 15, 2018


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