The Insane Reason The Government Took A Family’s Adopted Daughter Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Imagine fostering a child for four years with the hopes of forever raising her as your own and then having social workers remove her from your home for what some call a “ridiculous” law. This is the reality which the Page family faced recently, when their six year old foster daughter, Lexi, was taken away from them.

The social workers acted on a court order which concluded that the girl’s native American blood requires her placement with relatives in Utah. The court order is based on the regulations under the Indian Child Welfare Act, a 1978 federal law designed to protect Native American children.

Relatives, friends, neighbours and members of church gathered near the Page family home to protest the expected arrival of the county officials. By the time the social workers arrived, there were more than a hundred supporters standing by who were then joined by television news vans.

Lexi was about one and a half years old when her birth parents lost custody of her. Both parents had involvement with drug and criminal activities.

The Pages had challenged the determinations under the federal Indian Child Welfare Act to place Lexi with native American family members of her biological father. The Pages maintained that Lexi had lived with them since she was a toddler and knew no other life. They also argue that she is a mere 1.5 percent Choctaw Indian.

The court order however stated that the Page family “had not proven by clear and convincing evidence that it was a certainty the child would suffer emotional harm by the transfer.”

In this emotional video, the Pages not only speak about their heartbreak and devastation, but also plead with others to educate themselves about this law which he describes an abuse of power by the tribal leaders empowered by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

A Facebook Page titled, Save Lexi, has been set up and has over 30 000 followers. The page posted a statement from the Pages, made shortly after Lexi was taken – in part it stated:

Let me speak directly to the people who took our daughter and who have her now. Please search deep into your heart and soul and do what’s best for Lexi. Do the right thing and bring Lexi back home. Do not keep her one more minute. Do not force her to spend one more night away from us and her siblings. Look her in the eyes and just ask her what she wants. She will tell you she wants to go home. I’m begging every American within the sound of my voice to help us bring Lexi back home.


  1. Lacie

    April 9, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    This one is difficult and yes I can understand where the family is coming from. I can also see where the tribal elders are standing against the fact that even if the child is a small portion native they have lost so many of their tribe members due to the atrocities forced on to them that every child is precious.
    It stems from the fact that she was with the foster family had her for so long and the tribal members should have had her from the start. It’s always the intent to try and place a child with family relations. When they cannot then Forster families have stepped up for thousands of kids.
    When it gets right down to it I’m heart sore for the family for loosing her but I still feel like she should have been placed with family relations from the start.

  2. Stephanie

    April 10, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Listen real closely while I’m sure these parents are hurting the child was NOT abducted I need u to understand that the state abducted this child and gave her to you guys under false pretenses sue the state for they need to understand the situation themselves my child was abducted by the state of Oklahoma I could only wish a trib would stand up for us the gov has a newish program called foster adopt which contradicts protocol which is to reunite said child w family I was in the middle of recovery on my mission to my future w my child and while jumping through the very costly hoops I got a chance to meet the foster care provider and she didn’t want anything to do w meeting with me or discussing the progress of my young one I knew then and there they had no intention of giving her back I’m now educated and married to a cop and I resent the system that is current to help abused children yes in some cases I agree the system is much needed in many more other ways I feel lucky ke they have some half educated employees lacking in most common sense w a lot of power I thank God that little girl might know the truth one day not only did the system abduct her but they placed her in a baby exchange operation I hope that little girl knows that not only was she loved by her adopted family but she also has a biological family that also loves her might have a past but still loves their child come on who doesn’t have a little bit of a past must we lose our God given children over man’s law sorry in my home gods law over man’s law and if all they had to take that child was her parent youthful mistakes wow we really aren’t land of the free mind you the only ones aloud to adopt is the ones with a pristine record now go see how many orphans are documented its astounding sorry for your lose my stolen child will be 18in three years I then legally can find her so maybe I can say to you what was said to me when I had no coping skills what’s so ever ONE DAY SHE WILL BE 18 THEN YOU CAN FIND HER

  3. Denise

    April 10, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    We were foster parents also and I was a crazy train ride but I don’t understand did this family adopt her or was she froster because the family always have first rights
    Sad but true that’s why we don’t Forster no more
    God bless all these children

    • Jenn

      April 11, 2016 at 1:02 pm

      They fostered her and then started the adoption process. That is when the tribe came into play.

  4. rachell shaw

    April 12, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    I feel bad for the family and bad for the little girl, but as a mother whose son is currently in the system, I fought for 7 months to get my son placed with family…My personal feelings about the situation is that the child needs to be will family if family members are found suitable…Foster parents sign up for the fact that they could have a child for years and then it be removed form their care…sorry, but that is the truth…they chose this by not initiating adoption long before 4 years had come to pass.

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