Infant Found Safe After Being Left In ‘Baby Box’

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An infant left in a “baby box” at an Indiana fire station is said to be in safe hands after being placed in the safe haven.

According to the Coolspring Township Volunteer Fire Department, a baby girl was placed in the safe haven last Sunday night.

Within a minute of receiving a page, a firefighter was on scene tending to the infant.

The infant was taken to a hospital for care and is doing fine after being dropped off.

The Safe Haven Baby Box program in Indiana allows for a mother to anonymously give up her childwithout fear or repercussion.

The climate-controlled box is set up so that an alarm is triggered when a Safe Haven Baby Box is used.

What exactly does the Safe Haven law state? 

US Legal describes it as follows:

Safe Haven law, also known in several states as the “Baby Moses” law, is the popular name for United States laws that decriminalize leaving unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state.  Many State legislatures have enacted legislation to address infant abandonment and infanticide in response to the alarming rate of increase in the abandonment of infants.

A mother shall not be prosecuted for leaving her newborn child in the physical custody of an employee, agent, or member of the staff of a medical facility, provided that the newborn child is no more than one week old and the mother shows proof of her identity, if available, to the person with whom the newborn is left and provides her name and address.[iii]  The mother who leaves her newborn child at the medical facility shall not be prosecuted for the crimes of cruelty to her child, contributing to the delinquency, unruliness, or deprivation of her child, or abandonment of her dependent child.[iv]

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