Indianapolis Day Care Employee Arrested On Charges Of Child Molestation

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Day Care Employee Suspected Of Molesting A Child

An Indianapolis day care employee has been arrested on charges of child molestation.

John Beeler worked at the Charity Child Care on located at 2697 West 10th Street.

Since the incident, Beeler has been terminated from his job and is currently in the Marion county jail.

Care givers at the Charity Child Care say they are utterly heartbroken that their former employee is suspected of molesting a child at the day care.

A letter was sent to all families who use the day care stating that  the facility was made aware of an incident with Beeler in which Beeler allegedly had inappropriate contact with a 9-year-old child in the School Age program.

The letter reads as follows

“Our love for community and pride in the services we provide make the discoveries exceptionally difficult.”

The day care’s director hopes that the incident doesn’t harm the reputation of the day care’s other 39 employees and that blame for allegations falls squarely on Beeler alone.

The letter continued:

“This isolated act is not reflective of charity child care.  we will continue to provide exceptional care to families in a loving and safe environment.”

Employees at the day care spoke out that additional awareness and preventative steps are being taken to make sure this never happens again.

The FSSA are also involved and are investigating the issue, but thus far no disciplinary action has been taken against the daycare facility.

The letter from the Directress of the daycare says:

 “We stand in complete support of the family affected, who is still actively a part of our program.”

Beeler now faces multiple counts of child molesting and  is due in court next week to be advised of his rights. Until then, he is being held with no bond.

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