Indian girl, 17, forced to give birth on street, filmed moments after (VIDEO)

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Indian girl, 17, forced to give birth on street, filmed moments after (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old girl who was abandoned by her family after falling pregnant has given birth on a street in India, according to local media reports.
The girl gave birth on the side of the road in Chandil, a town in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. She was said to have been less than 100 meters (330ft) from a health center.

A video published online purportedly shows the girl hunkered down with her baby in the street as cars and motorcycles pass by. The newborn, whose umbilical cord is still attached, is pictured crying as it lies wrapped in its mother’s dress., the website of India’s most widely read newspaper Dainik Jagran, reports that no doctors or nurses from the nearby medical center came to the girl’s aid despite locals alerting them to what was happening on their doorstep.

Local resident Om Prakash Sharma came across the girl on the street with her clothes drenched in blood, The Hindustan Times reports.

“She was in a miserable state. She was shivering and unable to lift and cuddle her infant. Heavy vehicles were crossing by but she didn’t have strength to move aside,” he said.

“Eventually, we put roadblocks around her and approached the CHC (Community Health Center) to take away the mother [and the] child.”

The girl finally got medical attention after locals transported her to the health center in a rickshaw. Locals later confronted doctors at the health center to demand to know why the woman had not been taken care of.

“Their response was irritating,” Sharma added.

The teenager reportedly lived with her widowed mother but was kicked out of her home after she fell pregnant. She told reporters she was in love with a man but he ended the relationship after she became pregnant.

Mom Hilariously Calls Out Parents Who Complain About School Supply Costs

“It’s the end of August. I will give you anything to take my kids.”

Back-to-school season is synonymous with two things: taking your kids shopping for cool weather clothes they won’t even be able to wear for another two months, and buying school supplies. Most parents loathe ticking off items on the supply list, because it’s seemingly never-ending and everything costs money. Well, one mom is here to set the record straight about parents who complain about buying school supplies.

In a hilarious video, Dena Blizzard of One Funny Mother lets us all know why bitching about binders is wrong.

“Everybody’s complaining about buying school supplies,” she begins. “And my thing is, listen, it’s the end of August. I will give you anything to take my kids.”

Blizzard is seen filming herself cruising up and down the aisles of her local Mom Mecca (more commonly known as Target). She says she’s more than willing to buy whatever item is on that supply list because let’s face it — teachers have the hardest job of all: spending 9 hours a day with our kids.

“You need a yellow binder? I will get you a yellow binder, I’ll get you a red binder, I will tie-dye some shit.”


“I’m telling you right now, if there was a teacher that said ‘I need some Tide’, I’ll get you some Tide. You can put whatever you want on that list.”

Teachers spend plenty of out-of-pocket, out-of-budget money on classroom supplies for their students to make sure every kid has everything they need. And they don’t just do it one time, in August. They do it all throughout the year.

“These teachers have been making plans to teach your kids, and you’re complaining about some pencils? Pencils! Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I would pay them just to get my kids out of my face.”

Though the video is clearly meant to strike our funny bones, Blizzard brings up some seriously good points at the heart of it:

“I don’t know anything about history. There’s a lady somewhere willing to teach my daughter history? And she’s asking for a yellow binder? I’m gonna get that bitch a yellow binder.”

HA! This is possibly our favorite back-to-school video ever. The pièces de résistance is when Blizzard stops in one aisle and shows us what a hero she really is:

“These teachers gotta put up with your kids all year and you guys are all ‘I don’t wanna buy the pencils,” she mimicks.

*Cracks open mini bottle of liquor*

“Buy the f-ing pencils!”

Amazing, isn’t it?

A lot of parents are under the impression teachers (public school teachers in particular) receive everything they need supply-wise from their schools or school budgets. Yeah, no. That’s not even remotely true for most teachers. There’s probably not a teacher out there who hasn’t spent their own money on classroom supplies throughout the year.

So what should parents who moan and groan about supply costs do? Blizzard ends her video by cutting right to the chase.

“Stop complaining, go out and get your stupid supplies, and you need to hug a teacher on the first day of school.”

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