Husband Stands Up For Wife When Questioned About Co-Sleeping

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Once you become a parent, your priorities change – and that rearrangement can put a lot of stress on your relationship with your spouse!

A man posted to Facebook to reassure his wife that it’s okay to put motherhood first. The message also had meaning for the Dad’s out there.

David Brinkley is used to hearing his wife, Alora, have long phone conversations with her girlfriends. He overheard one in which her friend asked about his wife’s co-sleeping. He decided to step in and answer on her behalf.

Alora’s friend couldn’t believe how David was okay with sharing their bed with their 2 children. He heard the friend ask, “Doesn’t your husband hate that? My husband would never let me do that.” He went to Facebook and wrote a touching tribute to his wife – and basically all mothers everywhere – in the process.

“I just decided to come out as a man and set a few things straight. I do NOT hate any part of what makes my wife the mother that she is. I would NEVER degrade or disregard anything that she feels like doing for my children. Do I have to squeeze into a small corner of the bed sometimes? Yeah? But my God, how beautiful does she look holding my children? Making them feel loved and safe?”

The original post has been shared over 258,000 times since.

It’s quite clear how much David appreciates his wife and admires her as a Mom! He says that all men should respect that aspect of their wives’.

“I just want to say that I am proud of the decisions my wife makes as a mom and I support every single one of them. I would never want to rob her of this time she has or these seasons that are in reality too short to not enjoy. Please respect your wives as mothers.”

Despite his focus on his wife, same applies to many fathers as well.

The thing is that our wives only experience these little seasons in motherhood for a short time. They carry our babies, they birth them, they nurture them and maybe while they are little, they let them crawl into our beds and snuggle but eventually our babies get bigger, they grow up, they get “too cool” for snuggles, so why would we as men want to steal a single second of this time from them?”

David’s post makes it clear why it’s so hard to deny our kids when they jump into our beds, and why maybe we shouldn’t stress too much out about it. Before we know it, they are all grown up, and those moments when they want to snuggle will become less and less.

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