Husband Gets Creative For Date Night And His Idea Goes Viral

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Many Parents with young kids struggle with date nights – it’s not easy finding a sitter and they can also be expensive.

One genius Husband and Father worked his way around this and set up the perfect date night in his own backyard.

A video posted to the Facebook page LADbible has gone viral – watched over 28 million views in just a few days.

It’s so relatable and hilarious at the same time.

It starts off with a couple lounging on the couch complaining about the lack of date nights in their lives. “Can we do a date night soon? It’s been ages — we haven’t gone out in SO long,” says the woman.

The man tells his partner to go get her hair done, get dressed up, and be home by 8 pm the next night…

He tells her to walk through the door and, behold — their date night – and it’s literally set up in their backyard.

Take a look:

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