How To Teach Your Kids To Stop Interrupting You

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It can be distressing and sometimes embarrassing when your child interrupts you while having a conversation with someone else.

“Wait your turn” or “just a minute” is probably the words most parents use when this happens but it really doesn’t stop your kids from doing it the next time.

In the video below, Mom Coach Kirsten explains an easy technique to teach your kids to stop interrupting you when you are talking. The technique uses good manners and will also help to boost your child’s self -confidence.

The technique consists of four steps:

Step 1:

If your child wants to speak to you while you are having a conversation with someone else, teach him or her to place their hand somewhere on you. For example if you are sitting down, they could place their hand on your shoulder.

Step 2:

Place your hand on top of theirs, acknowledging that they are there.

Step 3:

Politely excuse yourself from your conversation.

Step 4:

Turn to your child, remove your hand and thank them for waiting and give them your full attention.

It will probably take a few days of practice, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Watch this video by Mom Coach Kirsten!

Via Mom Coach Kirsten

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