How to Set Up Your Baby Nursery

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Setting up a baby nursery is one enjoyable experience for expecting parents. There are so many things to buy and let’s admit it, a nursery is just adorable. All the toys, the baby products, the bedding, everything makes you feel bad that you grew up.

We agree that the nursery must be cute. However, it should also be comfortable and convenient. If your baby is irritated, he/she will go from being cute to loud and painful within minutes. So, when you indulge in the task of designing your nursery, factor the comfort in for every bit.

First things first: Bassinets / Cribs

The first thing you need in the nursery is a crib or a baby bassinet. Bassinets are preferred for young babies (up to a few months). They take up less space, are portable, and inexpensive compared to cribs. Of course, cribs are more of a long-term investment.

Whichever product you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The correct height: Your crib or bassinet must be at a right height. You will be picking up the baby a lot, soothing, and putting him/her back. Make sure the height is comfortable enough not to put too much back stress. Practice with a doll beforehand.
  • Stability: When shopping for a bassinet or crib, give it a good shake. If it wobbles or rattles, you may want to look for a stronger product. Keep your baby’s safety in mind. Check the stability again once you assemble it in the nursery.
  • Adjustable: Try to look for a bassinet (or crib) that is adjustable. Adjusting the mattress height is important as your baby grows. You will have to lower the mattress so your baby does not climb and fall out, as they get older and start sitting up.

The Changing Station

The changing station is more than just a changing table. Set up a comfortable table (with a correct height) in the nursery. Remember you need ample space for the changing station. The changing station includes:

  • Changing table: a comfortable height and enough space for the baby. Babies tend to become active and move a lot as they grow so keep that in mind. Ample space is crucial.
  • Dresser: Some parents select a dresser as their changing surface as well. A dresser can of course function as storage for your baby’s clothes, towels, wipes, wash cloths, and other things. If you already have a closet you can skip the dresser.
  • Laundry hamper: A small laundry hamper for your infant’s dirty laundry. As you may imagine, baby clothes do not take much space but they need to be washed separately. Unless you also use a softener for your laundry.
  • Diaper stand: You can keep the diapers in the dresser as well if you have space. In case your dresser is full, or you are using a table, keep a diaper stand next to the changing table. Quick access and make sure the diapers are visible so you know immediately if you are low on supplies. You can keep the wipes in the dresser or next to the diaper stand as well.
  • Trash can with lid: Lid is necessary for all the dirty diapers. Keep is simple, but enough space so it isn’t filled twice a day.

One last thing: A Rocking Chair

Most parents will set up the baby nursery keeping the baby in mind. However, if you want to be slightly, just a tiny bit, selfish we would recommend get a good rocking chair as well. This product must be comfortable for you and of course must fit within the nursery. Gentle rhythmic movements like rocking can put fussy babies to sleep within minutes. You don’t want to rock a baby while standing up for hours a day. It is uncomfortable to do it sitting down. Best bet, buy a rocking chair that’s comfy for you and a blessing for your baby.

Dim night lights, soft curtains, rugs etc. are also recommended for a nursery. Night lights keep the baby calm if he/she wakes up in the night and also aren’t bright enough to wake up the baby completely. To keep your baby clam and active, you can consider one of the best baby jumpers as well.


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