How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During a Long Road Trip

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The sounds of the kids proclaiming their boredom and wondering when you’re going to reach your destination are commonplace when you go on a long road trip. Unless you’re willing to rent an RV so that there’s more space for everyone to relax or get headphones for the entire trip, you need to do something to keep kids entertained for the duration. There are a few simple things that you can get before getting in the car that won’t cost a lot of money but that will give the kids something to do besides complain and bicker with each other.

Game Bags

Most kids are happy when they have a game to play. Most retail stores have travel games that are ideal for longer car trips. You can get everything from checkers to bingo, but keep in mind that some games have small pieces that can get lost in the car. A cookie tray is a good surface to have to keep the pieces contained while the kids are playing. Dollar stores have travel games so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

It’s Electrifying

If your kids just can’t seem to get along, then stock up on the batteries, headphones and wireless chargers, like the TYLT kind, so that they can have their electronics in the car. Let them download a few games before you leave home so that there is something to play. The best thing about phones and portable games is that there is a small port for earbuds or headphones, which will save your sanity while you’re driving as they will be in their own little world.

Making a Pit Stop

Even if it’s for a few minutes, make an unexpected stop that the kids don’t know about. This will give them the chance to stretch their legs and see something interesting and entertaining on the way to the destination. It could even be something as simple as a monument or a park as long as they are able to get out of the car and have a little bit of fun.

Creating Memories

Pack a box full of items that your children can use to make memories of the trip. Start with a scrapbook for each child and a camera. They can take pictures of anything on the trip, adding the pictures to the book when they get home. While they are in the car, they can design the pages, keeping them busy in the process.

Keeping your kids entertained in the car is sometimes impossible unless you bring a toy box along. Plan ahead, finding a few items that will give children something to do instead of looking out the window. If you’re bored while driving, then pop in an audio book to listen to, which can sometimes benefit children as well.

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