HeartBreaking: Mom With A Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Baby (Video)

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Warning: The photos and video below are graphic

HeartBreaking: Mom With A Broken Leg Breastfeeds Her Baby (Video)

A shocking video showed a mother breastfeeding her baby after breaking her leg in a motorcycle crash (video below). (Warning: The photos and video below are graphic.)

In the clip, a motorcycle can be seen lodged underneath a car, with the woman on the ground next to it. The woman is holding her baby, breastfeeding the child, even though the mother’s leg is badly broken.

The mother’s ankle looks to be facing the wrong direction, and is covered in blood. Instead of focusing on her injury, the mother continues to feed her baby and make sure the child is OK.

The incident took place in Brazil, reports the Mirror.

Although the clip seemed odd, many applauded the mother for looking past her own injury to make sure her child was safe and taken care of.

“Given the circumstances, she was doing the one thing she knew would comfort her baby,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page. “In the middle of the wreckage, she probably was in partial shock, and maybe didn’t realize, or care what anyone else thought. At least they’re both alive.”

“This mother should be considerd as a hero under the circumstances and those people didnt have enough respect to assist her or try to at least offer that mother a blanket for privacy shame on them,” another wrote. “People shouldnt degrade her for feeding her child and giving the baby comfort during that time. That is a true loving and caring mother period my hats off to her and my prayers are for her and the baby as well as all the other victims in this wreck amen.”

“She was comforting her baby , I don’t see anything wrong with it,” commented another. “I would rather see a mother breast feeding than a woman in a string bikini with her boobs hanging out bouncing all over the place and a piece of dental floss up her a*s . Get a grip people.”

Some felt the woman shouldn’t have fed her child in public.

“Obviously she just wanted to be noticed, why not just cover lightly with a diaper or a clean wash cloth, I don’t mind woman breast feeding in public but have some respect,” one reader commented.

“Some of these stupid spectators could have helped give her some privacy instead of recording it on their cell phones,” added another. “Stop condemning people and actually do some good for a change. Don’t blame her for comforting her child. Look away if nothing else. Idiots.”

WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE. The woman was seen doubled over in pain just hours before her death

Woman Begs Her Family For a Caesarean On Her Knees Before Killing Herself When It’s Refused

A heavily pregnant woman who apparently committed suicide after begging for a caesarean was seen on CCTV doubled over in pain in the final hours before her death.

The 26-year-old woman and her unborn baby died after she fell from the fifth floor of the hospital she was being treated in.

She had reportedly begged for a caesarean after the baby’s head, which was too large for a natural delivery, caused her intense pain.

But she reportedly killed herself when her family, who under Chinese law had to give permission, refused her surgery.

This video shows her hobbling around the maternity ward in the final hours before her death.

She begs on her knees to be allowed a caesarean (Image: Peoples Daily Online)

She is seen walking around, aided by an unknown man, and falling to the floor doubled over in pain.

At one point, she leans against a wall and looks almost ready to collapse.

She is also seen kneeling on the floor in distress as others, who appear to be her family, crowd around her.

The woman, who was reportedly 41 weeks pregnant, was unable to stand unaided and was visibly upset and in pain.

Doctors at the No 1 Hospital in the city of Yulin in Shaanxi Province, northern China, examined her and determined that she needed a caesarean as she was not able to give birth naturally because the baby’s head was too big.

The woman struggles to stand (Image: Peoples Daily Online)

But her family insisted on a natural birth and refused her the right to undergo the procedure.

Under Chinese law, family must give their permission for a woman to have a C-section.

The woman fell to her death from the window after repeatedly trying to leave the medical centre.

Her unborn foetus also died in the incident.

The woman’s medical notes read: “The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a caesarean because she could no longer bear the pain, but the family continued to insist on a natural delivery.”

The woman’s family would not allow the operation (Image: AsiaWire)

Police told local media that the woman’s death was being treated as a suicide.

Her death has sparked protests online with other women calling for greater reproductive rights.

One internet user commented: “Besides the pregnant woman, nobody else should have had a say.”

Another noted: “A married woman isn’t a tool for producing babies, how can people still be so ignorant these days!”

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