Heart Warming: Your Adorable Ember Roloff Baby Book

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These photos could melt even the coldest of hearts!

Heart Warming: Your Adorable Ember Roloff Baby Book

Ember Roloff Baby Photos

“I seriously think this is one of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever taken,” said Audrey about the moment captured right after Ember’s birth.

Ember Jean Roloff was born on September 10th, 2017.

They named her Ember partly because the new parents fell in love around a campfire.

After a few weeks, Audrey described Ember as rambunctious, a kicker, but also a great cuddler!

Ember’s cousin Jackson, Zach and Tori’s son, is only four months older!

Audrey chose natural labor for Ember’s birth.

Audrey and Jeremy have also said they hope Ember is “a little fiery one.”

Apparently little Ember already loves to practice her singing!

Could she be any cuter?

Jeremy’s said he loves the perspective shifts that come with being a new dad.


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