This Harry Potter Themed Newborn Photoshoot Is Hilariously Cute

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I’m sure that many of you who have read Harry Potter and saw all the films, at some point would have wished that, in some way, we could have gone to Hogwarts or become grown-up to be witches and wizards, or even gone to work for the Ministry of Magic!

But in reality, every summer, we are still desperate to receive our owls from Hogwarts telling us that there has been some great mistake and that we are actually heading to the magical school!

But for one couple who absolutely loves Harry Potter just as much as we do, is Katherine and Jesse Oldfield from Oregon.

In fact, this couple are such big Harry Potter fans that they decided to dress up both their children like characters and…plants from the franchise!

According to an article on Buzzfeed, the couple spent their first halloween together as Harry and Hermione, a tradition which they have now passed down to their children.

When their first son, Sebastian, was born, Katherine did a DIY photoshoot in a grave yard, turning the boy into Harry Potter. However, when they had their second child, Theodore, they stepped things up once again!

At the recommendation of their friend and photographer, Kelsey Clouse, the parents re-created this famous scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, turning their newborn baby into a mandrake!

Isn’t that just the most incredible and precious thing you’ve EVER seen?

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Katherine said how, initially, Theodore was actually asleep when they were trying to get the picture. “I knew it was key that Theodore be crying for the shot,” she said.

“Luckily, babies tend to do that.”

For those who don’t know, a mandrake is a plant with a root that looks, exactly like a newborn baby. When the plant is unearthed, the roots scream – something that when the plant is full grown can be fatal. In Harry Potter and the Chapter of Secrets, the mandrakes prove particularly useful to those who have been petrifed by a basilisk, with Mandrake Restorative Draught helping cure the condition.

These pictures are just too adorable, don’t you think?

“Sebastian’s reaction to his baby brother was completely authentic,” said Katherine, “which is a big part of the magic captured in this photo.”

Since being shared on Kelsey’s Facebook page, the picture has been shared nearly 90,000 times.

Six Babies Turned Into Tiny Disney princesses For The cutest Photoshoot Ever

Photographer and mother of 3 Karen Marie transformed six adorable babies into tiny Disney princesses earlier this month.

“The amazing tales of love and heroism in Disney movies have always been an inspiration to me,” Marie tells Babble of her motivation to photograph the babies.

Marie, 36, explained that Disney has always been a huge part of her life, and despite having a busy schedule at her studio, Belly Beautiful Portraits, she thought it was time to make time for the special project.

In the 8-hour shoot – Cinderella,  Ariel,  Jasmine, and more came alive through dresses, backdrops, and props to portray the stories that she grew up with. (Her favorite is Sleeping Beauty.)

“The memories I get when watching this movie bring me back to my childhood every time I see it,” says Marie. “I also had Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip as my wedding cake topper!”

While she describes working with six babies at once as “VERY difficult,” she praises her team for the support and assures it was all worth it when she watched the families of the babies dote over their little girls.

“My favorite part about photographing babies is knowing in my heart how much these images will mean to families for generations to come,” she says.

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