Look At This Picture, Then Lock Up Your Guns

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“If they find it, they’ll play with it” – That’s the catchy phrase used to promote gun safety in a campaign designed by Evolve, a gun safety organisation in the U.S.

The campaign uses images of children playing with rather embarrassing adult pieces such as condoms, tampons and lingerie which I’m sure has resonated with many parents who have had their kids find some of their raunchy items.

Image credit: http://www.evolveusa.com/

Image credit: http://www.evolveusa.com/

Image credit: http://www.evolveusa.com/

The ads then get more serious when it displays children stumbling upon guns.

The campaign may be humorous at first but it then sends a very strong message – If you do not lock your gun up, they are not safe from your children! Tragedies can and do happen from such instances.

Children are very inquisitive and will find anything, even things that are not meant for them.

Evolve certainly got the message clear and as it says on their website:

Yes, there’s a raging gun debate out there. But no matter how loud anyone is yelling whatever they’re yelling, everyone can agree, we can be safer. Right, responsible gun owner? Right, left-leaning senator? Right, Mom?

We’re thinking America can stop shooting itself in the foot. We’re thinking everyone can pause the debate for a sec and pay attention to one simple thing: somewhere out there is an unlocked, loaded gun. Don’t we all want to reach it before a 3-year-old does?

Evolve also states that “In an average year here in America, more than 16,000 people are injured or killed in preventable gun incidents.

Gun ownership in the U.S is always up for debate, but the bottom line is that if you are a gun owner – make sure that your gun is secure and out of reach of curious children.

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Owning a firearm is your right ! Keeping it safe is your responsibility… be SAFE.

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