Grieving Mother Shares Pic Of Daughters Car Seat With Heartbreaking Message

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Ellie was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at just 4 months old. The Walton’s lived through the terrible cancer diagnosis, up until two months ago.

“It’s been two months since I last kissed your cheek or played with your hair,” writes Walton. “It’s been two months of pure torture, agony, and despair.”

Ellie isn’t coming back and people are heartbroken about it.

Sitting in the car waiting for my boys to finish Wednesday church and my tears will not stop,” wrote one commenter on the Facebook post. “I cannot even for a moment fathom your pain. I do not know your pain because I’ve not been in your shoes. But I miss your baby girl.”

Although many of us will never experience what it’s like to lose a child, we have all buckled ours into a car seat, in the hopes that they will stay safe. This makes looking at this image even harder.

Death is so selfish, baby girl,” Walton writes. “My heart is broken. I’m literally hurting and torn, I know [you’re] in a better place, and yet no place is better than in my arms.”

“I know [you’re] happy and pain free, and yet I want you here,” Walton says. “Life’s not fair baby girl, you know that better than anyone. I do know that your life brought me so much joy, and looking back, I’m thankful that I made sure to tell you every single day just how much I loved you. I will forever be grateful to have been your mommy.”

One can easily feel this Mothers pain when reading the post.

“Baby girl, I don’t want you watching over me thinking that your passing only causes me pain. You see baby girl, I would gladly take this pain over and over again, if it meant that I got to be your momma. [Because] had I never known you, I would have never known pure happiness, I would have never known to live every moment as your last, and I would have never known what true bravery, strength, and courage looked like.” 

It hasn’t been long since Walton did what so many of us have done so many time over, by buckling her daughter into her car seat. This Mom, however, buckled her daughter into the car seat for the very last time.

So sad…

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