Gretna eight-year-old saves own mother, puts Boy Scout lessons into action

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Gretna eight-year-old saves own mother, puts Boy Scout lessons into action

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A metro mother is just glad to be alive this week and it’s all thanks to her own kids.

Dad was still at work so it was just mom and the three kids. Rebecca Campbell was eating dinner with her three children Wednesday night when she began to choke.

“Immediately I dropped to the floor ’cause I had no air.” When Rebecca got a piece of chicken lodged in her throat her eight-year-old knew exactly what to do.

“I thought she would die,” younger sister Lilly Campbell told us. She grabbed their little puppy so the boys could help.

“She was choking!” the oldest boy Colton Campbell said. He went to grab a tissue in case he needed to help get something out of mom’s throat.

It was eight-year-old Caden Campbell who went right over to mom.

“He didn’t even question, didn’t freak out. None of my kids did,” Rebecca said. “He just kept saying, ‘Where’s your belly button? Where’s your belly button?'”

“It’s hard to say the name of it. Heimlich?” Caden can barely pronounce the name of the life-saving maneuver, but he knew how to do it. After thrusting upward with his fists into mom’s belly she began to cough up the food. After a couple moments of struggle she could finally breathe again. “I said ‘Where did you even learn that?'”

“Cub Scouts!” Caden proudly answered. The little Boy Scout knew more about saving lives than his mom could have predicted.

“I said to him, ‘Do you know you just saved my life?’ It doesn’t matter how old a child is they are absolutely capable of being a rescuer.”

Now Rebecca Campbell just wants to let the world know that your kids may be more capable than what we sometimes give them credit for.

“You’ve got to talk to your kids. You’ve got to let them know what they’re capable of and they might just save your life.”

While she never expected it Rebecca Campbell says she’s glad to know her son is prepared to save lives. She hopes that parents will take the time to educate their kids about the Heimlich maneuver and other simple life-saving techniques.

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