Grandma Returns Baby To Hospital Saying Baby Is Too Ugly To Be Her Grandchild

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There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby.

Although all newborns are precious, honestly some aren’t born looking their best.

A grandmother in Columbia has gotten into a lot of trouble after she thought something was terribly wrong with her grandson soon after he was born.

The grandmother actually wanted the baby to be swapped! She took her newborn grandson back to the clinic where he was born and actually accused staff of swapping him for another child as she thought he was too ugly.

The woman, who was not been named, went back into the clinic in the city of Santa Marta, in the northern Colombian department of Magdalena, with the boy and his mother in tow.

The woman claims that there is no member of her family that could be so ugly, and that the hospital staff clearly switched another family’s child with her own.

The grandmother was informed that there had been no swap, and that only one baby boy had been born in the clinic on the day in question.

Carlos Pallares, Health Secretary on Santa Marta’ city council, said: “The grandmother was not very happy.”

“She did not identify the baby as a new member of the family and therefore she decided to come back to the clinic along with the mother of the baby to return him. The situation should be accepted. Sometimes biology, genetics play a role in these mistakes and we should accept them.”

He added that the women went back home with the baby, after staff at the clinic conducted a health check on him.They then gave the child back to his mother and anxious grandmother and sent them on their way.

A city council spokesperson, Chadan Rosado said that the grandmother has a history of psychological issues and has been in treatment and has reprimanded the public not to treat the old woman too harshly.

The baby is said to be in good health and is with his family but it is unclear why exactly the grandma thought the baby was ugly!

The poor child — and the mother!

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