Got Kids? Here’s How To Keep Your House Clean. Well, Clean-Ish.

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It can seem impossible to keep your house clean once you’ve had kids. Visitors popping over and you’re running around picking up toys, socks and cleaning the bathrooms! It can be stressful but with a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle, you can keep a clean(ish) house! Jaimie shares 5 practical, every day tips that every parent can implement into their daily routine.

Tip 1: Create a cleaning routing – check out Pinterest or Google for loads of cleaning routine templates.

Tip 2: Clean your kitchen at night – because waking up to a dirty kitchen will leave you feeling like you are all ready behind.

Tip 3: Have your kids help – even Toddlers can help with unloading the dishwasher or loading the washing machine. Teaching your kids from a young age to help around the house.

Tip 4: Designate “clean-up” times – for example, pick up all toys lying around before you leave in the morning.

Tip 5: Realistic Expectations – always remember if you have a messy house you have kids that are loving life and that’s a good thing!

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