Gorgeous Toddler With Down Syndrome Wins Modelling Contract

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UK Retailer, Matalan, has chosen to award a modeling contract to a beautiful toddler with Down syndrome.

Lily Beddall’s picture is now hanging on the walls of 217 of the UK retailers stores.

Her mother Vicki Beddall, 37, said that she was very proud and Lily was “the best thing that has happened to us“.

Beddall, a full-time Mom, and former proof reader, said: “The contract is all about inclusion and changing the face of beauty. It is wonderful that Matalan chose a child with Down’s syndrome.”

Down’s syndrome is a genetic condition which causes some level of learning disability and certain characteristic physical features.

Mr. and Mrs. Beddall, from Hertfordshire,UK, recently took Lily to see her photographs in the store.

How sweet!

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