Girls Unruly Hair Is Caused By Genetic Condition

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North Carolina Mom, Jamie Braswell, is used to people criticizing her parenting.

Her 1-year-old daughter, Phoebe, is one of 100 children in the entire world with a genetic condition called uncombable hair syndrome.

Phoebe’s hair always looks wild and unkempt – it’s bright white, tangled, and always seems to look static.

We were in the grocery store once and a lady said, ‘She is going to hate you when she looks at her baby photos because you let her go out in public like that,’” Jamie said.

The Mom has been accused of all sorts of neglect because people don’t know Phoebe’s hair cannot be tamed.

“Every morning, it is sticking straight up, and throughout the day I try and spray stuff in it to keep it down, but within 30 minutes it’s spiky again,” Jamie said.

The genetic condition impairs the protein in the hair follicles that gives hair its shape and strength.

You never think that your child is going to have a rare disorder, but I absolutely love Phoebe’s hair. It’s just Phoebe,” Jamie told SWNS.

Jamie fits her daughter with a headband on most days to keep it as neat as possible.

If she didn’t have that, people would think I was neglecting her,” she said.

A doctor told Jamie that he had never seen hair like hers before. The mother was only able to diagnose her daughter after seeing an article on Facebook. There is no cure, but it is believed to get gradually better with age.

The Mom is worried that Phoebe will be bullied when she starts school.

“I do worry about her going to school because kids can be so cruel, and Phoebe is the most tender-hearted little girl I have ever known,” Jamie said. “But I am going to teach her that we are all different in every way, and it doesn’t matter.”

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