Geofencing Makes Safe Boundaries For The Family

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The information from a study conducted by the US Department of Justice in 2002 tells that there are 795,500 cases of missing children since 1997 to 2002. This report remains a major source as of today since no other case study has been conducted. The report clearly indicates the reasons for these missing people. Abduction with bad intentions is one of these reasons.

Considering the figure of missing children, the question of how to reduce this number continues to arise. Along with this question is a need to know about how to add safety to peoples’ lives.

A quick primer on Geofencing 

The advancement of technology has brought us geofencing feature in many software and devices. Geofencing is creating geographic boundary by utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID). The created virtual barrier is then paired with software or hardware which response accordingly to a given parameter set by the user.

Geofencing is now in a commercialized state of usage. The technology is greatly exploited by many manufacturers of modern devices and software developers. Utilizing it for safety measure is one of its key usages. Parents can now utilize it to enhance the safety of their families and add peace of mind in their everyday lives.

Geofencing a virtual counter-measure against violence and accident

In the business world, gaining vital information about the competitor’s area of operation is critical to success. This is somewhat the same for a parent who is trying to protect their children. Knowing the information about where their children are and how dangerous a certain place or places, gives them power to successfully counter threats and accidents. Through geofencing, a parent does not only know the location of her child, but also have the means to create a safe surrounding within the usual location where her child often goes.

Smartphones and GPS devices can give you the location of a person. Geofencing uses this location information to set boundaries that will create a reactive area where alerts can be triggered when the right signals are reached.

Let us take Turtler location sharing app as an example of software which utilizes geofencing. The app has a feature where a parent can create a perimeter in an area of their interest. Then set the alert to be triggered when the child leaves or enters the perimeter, and can specify times for the alert to be on or off. The alert will be in the form of a notification, showing the child has moved relative to the perimeter.

Stephen Schroeder, Founder of Turtler Limited, stated “We are focused on use cases in predominantly populated areas with a heavy focus on family usage where 2-way communication is a big advantage. “  Schroeder also stated that their app will keep on progressing to accommodate the needs of many parents of modern world safety.

The increasing popularity of geofencing can be seen in many products and devices. Current releases of smartphones include software with geofencing capabilities. Netcorp GPS is another sample device with virtual fencing.

Geofencing technology will continue to take its straight path to progress. The good news is that with many companies using this technology, parents gain a new powerful option for managing their children’s safety.

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