Gender Reveal Party Turns Into Tragedy When Gunmen Open Fire

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A tragedy unfolded in Cincinnati on Saturday night when a pregnant woman’s gender reveal party was interrupted by violence.

Reports say that Cheyanne White lost her baby after she and 8 others, including children, were shot.

The incident occurred around 11pm on Saturday night and witnesses say two gunmen entered through the home’s front door and opened fire on the group.

A woman, identified as Autum Garrett, 22, of Huntington, Indiana, died at the scene and White’s unborn baby, who she’d learned was a boy just hours before, was miscarried.

Additional names haven’t been released at this stage, however reports indicate that White was shot in the leg, Garrett’s husband was shot in the head, one woman was hospitalized and three children ages 8, 6 and 2, were also injured.

According to reports, the children did not suffer life-threatening injuries and are being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center is currently treating the 5 adult victims, who are also expected to recover.

To date, the suspects in the incident have not been identified or apprehended, although officers from Colerain Township Police say they have numerous leads. Police don’t know if the shooting was random, or whether the victims were targeted.

Colerain Township Police’s public information officer Jim Love mentioned, “As of right now, I do not know what instigated this. I do not know how this got started.”

In the hours before the tragic shooting, White had posted a “thank you” online to her friends and family for helping her celebrate the gender reveal and upcoming birth sometime.

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