Frustrated Mother Publicly Calls Her Kid Out For Being An ‘A**hole

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Parenting is no walk in the park and anyone who tells you that it is – is not telling the truth.

Or they’ve not been a parent for very long and haven’t gotten to the troubling times that come when your kids starts to grow up.

When children start to get a bit older they have the language to express themselves. And many parents loathe the terrible twos or the threenagers because they’re quite clever with their mouths. The phase goes away eventually, but a frustrated mom during the 2-3 year-olds is certainly not uncommon.

Having a best friend you can speak aboyt your real frustrations to when it comes to you your kids is awesome. We know they’re not perfect little angles, but some people can still be strange about being honest. One mom found that out when she tweeted that her kid was driving her to the brink of insanity and she used some language that upset people.

There is still a stigma that as a parent you have to love absolutely everything about your kid. You can love and appreciate your child while at the same time feel frustrated. It’s normal and you are allowed to share that this whole parenting thing isn’t perfect. It’s healthy to let some of that frustration out.

But, not everyone shares that sentiment and a frustrated mom got some criticism for sharing that her child wasn’t behaving that well.

This Mom was tired of that stigma that comes saying we can’t share that we’re frustrated.

And tired of always having to be “nice” when you’re talking about your kids. – she admits her kid is an a**hole and people are mixed about her statement.

Malieka Roman decided to share on Twitter her frustrations with her 3-year-old daughter.

She says that her daughter, on purpose, poured her juice all over the floor.“Look, we gotta stop acting like it’s a bad thing to call our kids assholes,” the mom writes on Twitter. “Like my daughter just dead ass death glared me while pouring her juice on the floor after I said not too.”

Then she brings it all home and writes, “Come on. That makes her an asshole. Don’t shame me.”

Look, we gotta stop acting like it’s a bad thing to call our kids assholes. Like my daughter just dead ass death glared me while pouring her juice on the floor after I said not too. Come on. That makes her an asshole. Don’t shame me.

— milfshake (@mamalieky1) January 29, 2018

The tweet was liked about 30,000 times and with just over 4500 comments, you know people had things to say about this.

Of course people get really sensitive when you start talking about your own kids. We don’t want to teach our kids how to bully someone or that being mean is OK. But at the same time, just because you are a parent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t share your frustration.

Bad parenting calling your kids names.. Period! Maybe teach them the right way than calling them names.

— JmacRocks04 (@JMacRocks04) February 5, 2018

People tweeted this person back, assuming that they were not a parent maybe because parents can relate to their kid acting less than favorably. But this mom held their ground.

“Nope, I a parent and I would never say this to my kids or any kids for that matter,” JmacRocks04 tweeted back. “Horrible bad parenting. She should NOT be a parent! Shame on her!”

Then, of course, you had people here talking grammar…

*to…learn to spell. Shaping and developing young minds or something, right!?!

— Scott LaCross (@Vikesfan93) February 11, 2018

But that’s not the point at all and most people seemed to really agree.

Most of the people who tweeted the frustrated Mother back, came with stories of their own kids who were acting like a**holes, too.

My mom was a counselor for one of my twin bro and Is field trip for school in elementary and she had us two and 3 other kids in her group and kept calling everyone maggots and cussing and the kids in our group thought it was the funniest thing & that my mom was the coolest mom

— Mamí (@shmoopiepie) February 2, 2018

Lol, k my husband call our just turned 3 year old an asshole. I laughed and my mom was like. “Oh, that’s just awful!” Then I was scrolling on fb the same day and randomly stumbled on this image!
— ❄ (@_sensitivediary) January 29, 2018

Girl my daughters almost 7 months and has got an attitude every time I say no she laughs ‍♀️ idk how many times her dad and I say this

— Katie McDaniels (@kit_kat_katie72) January 30, 2018

My son straight up dumps his food and drink daily. He got into a sample of some expensive hair product and I just left the ish in his hair.

— Jen N Juice (@JemNeye85) January 31, 2018

It’s worth a read to head over and see some of the comments.. .

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