A Freak Lawnmower Accident Leaves Girl With 200 Stitches On Her Face

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A brave 10-year-old girl continues to recover from a harrowing lawnmower accident which left her with a skull fracture as well as 200 stitches down her face.

Skylar Hedstrom, of Hoffman, Minn., was watching her Father cut the lawn on June 9 when he ran over a tool, TwinCities.com reported.

The tool then got caught in a blade, which had detached from the machine and hit Skylar, leaving a gash that was deep enough to expose her skull.

My wife came running up to me, waving her arms and screaming, pointing to [Skylar],” Brian Hedstrom said. “I jumped off, turned around and she was standing there, covered in blood. It was the scariest thing I’ve seen in my whole life.”

Hedstrom took to Facebook and posted pictures of his daughter wrapped in gauze giving a thumbs up, and others of her smiling post-stitching.

“As I was in a dark ambulance on a 100-mile journey to Fargo I was trying to explain to her what a substantial facial scar may be like….. she looks at me through starry eyes and said… ‘Dad it really doesn’t matter what people look like on the outside anyway,’” Hedstrom posted, in part, alongside the photos. “I always tell her that I want her to be a better human than I am… I just checked that box…..”

In his post, Hedstrom thanked Kensington Fire and Rescue, Douglas County Hospital staff, paramedics and staff at Sanford Medical Center Fargo.


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