Fox News’ Brit Hume Makes An Oopsie Whoopsie, Tweets Screenshot With “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” Tab Visible

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Fox News’ Brit Hume probably thought he was making an innocuous, extremely normal post about the betting odds of presidential candidates when he tweeted this morning. Hume, after all, is the senior political analyst at Fox News and has been posting these betting odds since 2016. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

However, the eagle-eyed admins of the @BadFoxGraphics caught a glimpse at Hume’s personal life, when they noticed a tab for “Sexy Vixen Vinyl Set” visible in the browser bar of Hume’s election odds screenshot. As we all know, the “Sexy Vixen Vinyl Set” is essentially a vinyl bra and underwear set that allows people to “look like a total goddess.” Whoops.

The post from @BadFoxGraphics has been making the rounds this morning, as is to be expected from Twitter goofs like these. And while the original post has since been deleted, it has been saved for posterity in the screenshots of tweets all over the website.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time Brit Hume has tweeted one of his classic election betting odd posts with the “sexy vixen vinyl” tab visible. He did the same thing on March 1st. Close your tabs before posting, Brit!

This wouldn’t be the first time someone shared their private browsing with the world. In 2016, Republican Mike Webb, who was running as an independent in Virginia at the time, tweeted tabs that read “Ivone sexy amateur” and “Layla Rivera tight bo.”

And, of course, who could forget the time Kurt Eichenwald tweeted a tab for the hentai B-Chiku, which led to the great tentacle porn tweetstorm of 2017. The lesson here: Be mindful of your tabs!

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