Fireman Delivers Pregnant Woman’s Baby – Then Adopts The Baby

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Firefighters are known for their bravery and their willingness to put their life on the line in difficult situations.

They also possess a quality which makes them risk-takers. This is exactly what firefighter Marc Hadden has done.

A job like his, can lead to unpredictable situations, and Marc found himself in one of these situations one night. His crew had just gotten an emergency call, but when they arrived it was a rather unusual situation.

What they expected to be a “normal” emergency, turned out to be a rather unusual one—a pregnant woman who had gone into labor without enough time to make it to the hospital. Hadden had to step in and help the woman deliver the baby himself…

Fortunately, the baby was born without any complication. The baby was named Grace. Marc called his wife Beth shortly after who reported that he was ecstatic.

 “Who gets to deliver a baby in their lifetime that’s not a doctor?” she said.

Tthe story goes even deeper than that.

Marc and Beth were married for a while had two sons, Will and Parker.

The Haddens really wanted to have a third but Doctors said that they were unable to for medical reasons. Adoption seemed like the next reasonable next step, but the pair decided to wait. Beth saud they wanted to “[leave] it in God’s hands.”

Shortly after the girl was born, Marc learned that Grace had been put up for adoption. He and his wife realized that this was the strangest and most touching twist of fate imaginable – they took it as a sign and adopted the child.

“I don’t know if I have words,” said Hadden. “I never envisioned that I would have a daughter. We are truly blessed. For sure.”

Hadden is a treasured member of the fire department – he was named Firefighter of the Year in 2013 and is seen as an integral member of the force.

His colleagues teamed up with Hadden’s family to help the Haddens move into a larger home to make more room for their new baby girl.

I don’t know what we would have done because we have definitely outgrown our home. So we’re just truly blessed to have friends that will pull together for us like this,” said Hadden.




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