Feds: Alabama man paid $20,000 for sex with boy smuggled from Honduras

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Government prosecutors have documented sex trafficking charges against an Alabama man they say paid more than $20,000 to the father of a Honduran high schooler in return for sex with the kid.
Billy Randolph Edwards, 63, of Huntsville, was at first captured Sept. 26 by Madison County Sheriff’s Office examiners on numerous state charges of human trafficking, sexual mishandle and homosexuality, as per imprison records. Sheriff’s Office authorities said at the time that Edwards’ capture was a piece of a joint examination between its investigators and specialists from the Department of Homeland Security.

In a sworn statement documented Monday in government court, a Homeland Security specialist point by point the examination concerning Edwards, which started in May. Around then, examiners met the casualty for the situation, who is currently 18.

The young fellow, who is recognized by his initials in the record, told specialists that his dad, whose name is being withheld to abstain from distinguishing the youngster, carried him into the United States in 2014, when the kid was 15. The father and child moved to the Huntsville range.
Not long after the move, the father started sexually manhandling the kid, and constraining him into a progressing sexual association with Edwards for cash, the sworn statement said. The sexual manhandle proceeded for a while and occurred at the two Edwards’ home and his place of business, the government specialist composed.

Indeed, even after the sexual mishandle halted, Edwards kept paying the kid’s dad in light of the fact that the father debilitated to go to the police, the archive said.
The specialist composed that agents discovered proof that substantiates the kid’s cases, including instant messages amongst Edwards and the kid’s dad that talk about the manhandle.
“For example, on December 23, 2014, Billy Edwards texted (the teen), ‘You want to sell me your (expletive),’” the affidavit wrote. “Other text messages indicate that (the boy’s father) was aware of the sexual relationship and facilitated it, at least in part by translating text message communications for (his son) when he did not understand a text message from Billy Edwards, and telling (the boy) what to say in response to those text messages.”

Unequivocal photographs, including one of the kid’s privates, were likewise found by examiners, the affidavit read.
Bank records likewise build up an example of installments from Edwards to the kid and his dad, the specialist composed. Edwards composed a sum of 13 checks to the combine between Nov. 2, 2015, and April 10 of this current year totaling about $20,350.

“(The teen) reported that when Billy Edwards paid him (in the form of checks or otherwise), he was typically required to give the money to his father,” the affidavit read.
Whenever neighborhood and government law authorization officers executed a court order at Edwards’ home Sept. 1, they observed what gave off an impression of being a manually written contract expecting Edwards to pay the kid’s dad $25,000 for a cellphone that contained information Edwards did not have any desire to fall under the control of experts, the court report said.

The affidavit for Edwards’ situation, alongside an almost indistinguishable record documented against the kid’s dad, looks for capture warrants on the government charges. It was not promptly clear Wednesday if Edwards had been captured once more, however he isn’t recorded as a present prisoner in the Madison County Jail.

WAFF in Huntsville revealed that the kid’s dad is as of now in government care on charges he re-entered the United States in the wake of being ousted in 2011 and 2012.

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