FCA Recall Over 180,000 Jeep Wranglers For Faulty Airbag Issue

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Another FCA recall for a potentially lethal sensor fault.


You have to feel for FCA, the company has been issuing recall after recall on a huge variety of cars, from the Jeep Grand Cherokee that was linked to the death of actor Anton Yelchin through to the more upmarket Maserati that could go up in flames.
This time the recall is aimed at the Jeep Wrangler for another airbag-related issue, although it’s different to the one that saw the model having to return to dealerships for the Takata airbag recall.
In this instance the problem is related to the bits that will tell the airbag when to deploy and not the airbag itself.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that FCA will need to recall a potential 182,308 of the 2016/17 Jeep Wranglers manufactured between June 16, 2015 and August 14, 2016.
It’s been found that in certain crash conditions, the front impact sensor wiring may be pulled far enough for it to detach before it’s had a chance to send a crash signal to the Occupant Restraint Controller. As a result of this potential fault, the ORC wouldn’t be able to relay the crash signal to the safety systems and that in turn could mean that the driver and front passenger airbags as well as the seatbelt pre-tenstioners won’t deploy.
As you know, no airbag can mean death or serious injury.
This is something that needs to be rectified in a hurry before people end up in hospital or worse. Chrysler dealerships will identify the potentially problematic Wranglers and inform owners of the need to have the wiring for the front impact sensor re-routed and to relocate the impact sensor branch.
This will be done for free as you’d expect, but so far the manufacturer hasn’t provided a notification schedule for this problem. After the way the recall involving Yelchin was hand犀利士
led you’d think FCA would add a dash of speed to recalls like this that could result in death and lawsuits.

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