Father Loses 9 Fingers, Both Feet After Flu Complications

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A 51-year-old Texas Father has lost both of his feet and most of his fingers after complications from the flu, according to his family.

“One minute you’ve got the flu and the next you’re septic,” Brian Herndon said as he battled the virus at a hospital in Fort Worth, WFAA reported.

The husband and Dad of two had a low-grade fever on Jan. 3.

The next day, his body temperature suddenly increased and his wife rushed him to the hospital.

He had a 104.7 temperature… and then he had trouble breathing,” Jaye Herndon said of her husband. “We didn’t wait. We went to the ER. It was that quick.”

Herndon was diagnosed with the flu and admitted to the hospital. The following day doctors said that he had pneumonia, which led to septic shock.

They could not detect a pulse in his feet for a few days.

Two weeks after the diagnosis, a surgical team at Baylor University Medical Center had to amputate both of Brian’s feet and nine of his fingers, according to the Star-Telegram.

Jaye said that her husband had no underlying medical conditions that they knew of.

She also told the Star-Telegram that he did not get a flu shot this season.

The family hopes that Brian will be released from the ICU by the end of this week, then enter the rehabilitation stage of his recovery.

GoFundMe page has been created to help the family cover the costs of his new prosthetics.

Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Teenage Male Student

A teacher/assistant track coach who has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage male student, told police that she loved the boy after she was arrested.

Tayler Boncal, 22, has been charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault last week in New Britain, Connecticut.

The teacher is awaiting her next court appearance and, if convicted, she must serve at least nine months behind bars.

The maximum sentence that can be imposed is 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000 per count.

Neither the 18-year-old boy nor his parents wanted to see the teacher charged but she was arrested last week after being placed on administrative leave when another student who knew about the affair told the school’s athletic director about it.

According to the arrest affidavit, she and the boy had oral sex and intercourse several times after striking up a relationship at Conard High School in West Hartford, Connecticut.

She is a social sciences teacher at the school and was also an assistant track coach. She taught the boy in some of her classes.

It all began when the student asked her for her phone number in December. She joined the school as a student teacher in April 2017.

The two began exchanging explicit text messages and photos then, when the boy lost his phone, they moved their correspondence onto Facebook messenger.

Police say the first sexual encounter happened in December, sometime around Christmas, at Boncal’s home.

She stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him

It was not her “family home” but the address she had used while studying, police said.

The first time they had sex, both she and the boy said they engaged in intercourse and that she performed oral sex on him.

The boy told police they had intercourse another 3 times at her home before January 11.

On January 12, another student had told the school’s athletic director about the affair and the boy was called into the principal’s office for questioning.

A first he tried to deny the affair but then admitted it, stating that he did not want Boncal to get into any trouble.

Boncal was put on administrative leave and was later questioned by police.

She stated that the victim was kind to her.

‘Boncal stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him,’ her arrest warrant, which was obtained by DailyMail.com, said.

His parents do not wish to see her charged either, says a Town of West Hartford spokesman.

Boncal has been released on bail last week and is awaiting her next court appearance which is scheduled for March 1.

In a letter to parents, Principal Julio Duarte noted: ‘As educators, we are entrusted to protect and educate all of our students and know there are certain boundaries that can never be crossed.

‘Also, we will not tolerate any behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of our students.

‘I hope you will not let the misconduct of this one individual cast a shadow over all of our staff members who demonstrate their commitment to our students every day.’

Despite the fact that the boy was of legal age when they had sex, prosecutors deem their encounters as sexual assault because she was a teacher at the school he attended when the acts occurred.

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