Father discovers heartbreaking detail in autistic son’s worksheet

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After returning from his youngest son’s school night last week, Bob Cornelius discovered a disheartening detail within his son’s displayed worksheet.

In an assignment asking the students to describe themselves, Cornelius’ 11-year-old son Christopher, who is on the autistic spectrum, gave a heartbreaking answer.

When asked, “Some of my friends are,” Christopher filled in, “No one.”

His father posted Christopher’s worksheet and shared his concerns for his son’s loneliness.

In Cornelius’ post, he referenced the compassion of Florida State football player Travis Rudolph eating lunch with Bo Paske, an autistic student at a Florida middle school, and the results that followed. After the story went viral, Bo no longer sat alone.

Cornelius used this example to prompt parents to speak with their children about embracing students like Christopher


He mentions that over the years, Christopher has watched his older brothers have sleepovers with their friends, having never had any because he’s never had a friend. He expressed helplessness because he’s had to rely on the compassion of others to include Christopher, which hasn’t happened.

Like Bo Paske, Christopher’s story has a very happy outcome. Since Monday his Facebook post has been shared over 27,000 times, with incoming letters and care packages for Christopher.

Cornelius has updated the post with, “Many of you have asked to send cards and packages to Christopher, so, please join the party…I will be posting his reactions online.”

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