Father Arrested After Son Accidentally Shoots Girl With Unsecured Gun

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Police have confirmed that a 2-year old boy has accidentally shot a 4-year-old girl after the children were left alone in a vehicle with an unsecured firearm.

Police said that Isaiah Marshall Davis, 26, of Winchester, a woman and three children were traveling from Winchester to Colonial Beach, when they stopped at a truck stop on the 9700 block of James Madison Highway in Opal, Virginia, on Friday night.

The adults got out of the vehicle, leaving the children inside unsupervised and unrestrained, police said.

The boy reportedly found the gun and accidentally shot the girl in the upper body, police said. A toddler, who was also in the car, was not injured.

A clerk at the truck stop told police that the woman brought the little girl inside the store, saying the child had been bitten by a dog. The clerk said that the woman took the child to the bathroom to clean her up with peroxide and Band-Aids.

Before authorities arrived, the woman and girl returned to the car and drove off. It wasn’t until reaching Colonial Beach that the child was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries.

Authorities arrested Davis and charged him with three counts of felony child abuse and neglect, reckless handling of a firearm as well as allowing children to access a firearm.

Davis was then taken to Northern Neck Regional Jail. Investigators said Davis is a convicted felon and wasn’t supposed to have a gun.

In Virginia, it is illegal in Virginia to leave a firearm unsecured in any way that could hurt a child under the age of 14.

Important Gun Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

More than one-third of U.S. households have guns, whether it is for sport, protection or hunting. Whether or not your home is among them, it’s important to teach children the basics of gun safety and what to do if they do find one.

Unfortunately, locking up guns alone isn’t enough to ensure a child’s safety. Here are some important tips provided by Kidshealth.org that all gun-owning parents should know:

  1. Explain to children that actual guns, unlike toy guns or guns they might see on TV or in video games, can critically injure and even kill a person.
  2. Teach kids the following steps to take, if they ever come into contact with a gun: 1) Stop what they’re doing. 2) Don’t touch the gun. 3) Leave the area where the gun is. 4) Inform an adult about the gun immediately. All of these steps are crucial, especially leaving the area where the gun is. This is because other children might not know about gun safety, and even very young children are capable of pulling a trigger and accidentally killing someone standing nearby.
  3. Be sure to never have a loaded gun in the house. Always take out the ammunition.
  4. Parents should always lock the gun and make sure it is out of reach from children. Simply hiding the gun is not good enough.
  5. Lock up the ammunition and store it separately from the gun itself.
  6. Be sure to store the keys to the guns and ammunition apart from where house and other keys are kept. Keep these keys out of kids’ reach.
  7. Always lock up gun cleaning supplies, too. These can be poisonous if accidentally ingested by a child.
  8. A gun should never be left unattended by an adult when cleaning or handling it.

When children are armed with gun safety information, and when parents take all of the necessary precautions, guns can safety exist inside family homes.

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