Father Acted Quickly After Hearing Baby Crying In “Different Way” And It Saver Her Life

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A father rushed his baby girl to the hospital after he heard her  ‘crying in a different way’. The girl was diagnosed with life-threatening sepsis and put in a three-day coma.

Stu Bonsall, from Burnley, Lancashire, UK, is urging other parents to trust their instincts – even if they might ‘look an idiot’ for doing so.

He said: ‘I could so easily have done nothing – fearing I’d be told I was over-reacting. But my actions saved Megan’s life. I will never regret that, I would advise all worried parents to visit their hospital. It could save your baby’s life.

I would rather look an idiot and know my daughter is okay.
Mr Bonsall said: ‘I know all babies cry, I’m not stupid. 

But I sensed something was different. I wanted a doctor to check her over. I would rather look an idiot and know my daughter is okay.
It’s a good job I trusted my gut, because in a matter of minutes, she was rushed from casualty to Manchester Children’s Hospital (MCH) with sepsis. 
Don’t be scared of visiting your doctors or local hospital, because you never know.’

The Father-of-three was concerned when he returned home from work on June 11, 2016, and heard Megan, then just four weeks old, sobbing in a way he had not heard before.

When his wife, Tracy told him Megan had been like that for a few hours, his worries increased.

Megan’s parents drove the baby four miles from their home to Burnley General Hospital.

Bonsall said: ‘We were told she was seriously ill and she was being put in an induced coma. ‘It was terrifying. Then, doctors said she was being taken to the bigger MCH. We were to travel behind her ambulance by car. We were told, even if the ambulance pulled over on the way, not to stop.
‘It made me think she was going to die before she got there.’

At MCH, the baby was taken to neonatal intensive care, where a series of tests were conducted.

Soon thereafter, Megan was diagnosed with sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition where the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs.

It is still unclear how exactly Megan developed sepsis, however, it is most commonly caused by an infection.



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