Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner After She Shares New Picture Holding Baby Stormi With Long Fingernails

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Fans of Kylie Jenner are all wondering the same thing…how is Kylie Jenner taking care of baby Stormi with long fingernails?

Social media blew up recently on social media after the 20-year-old reality star posted a photo showing off her one-month-old daughter and her lengthy tangerine colored nails.

‘I want to know how she changes her babes diaper with two-inch nails and I struggle with not getting poo under my millimeter nails,’ said one bewildered mother in a tweet.

Fans are stunned that the reality star even has time to put on makeup on with the responsibility of taking care of an infant.

Many are using Kylie’s lengthy nails as reason to call her a bad mother.

‘Don’t want to be a b****, but the length go Kylie Jenner’s nails tell me all I need to know about her parenting or lack there of,’ said one Twitter user.

While Kylie has enlisted the help of several nannies and assistants, a source told PEOPLE that ‘she’s a really great mom,’ and that ‘she’s incredibly hands-on.’

A source spoke to E! News to update the outlet on Kylie’s first few weeks post birth.

‘It’s been a big adjustment for Kylie, but she’s loving be a mom and watching all of the little things that Stormi is doing each day. She’s exhausted and emotional, but she’s also completely in love.’

Kylie recently admitted that she couldn’t stop staring at her baby and has noticed a resemblance to herself in her little one.

When she was asked by a fan on Twitter how Stormi is doing, Kylie replied: ‘She’s good, still staring at her all day.’  


  1. Jessica

    March 7, 2018 at 5:00 am

    Ooooooh nooooo, not the almighty nails! OMG people get a life! Did it every occur to anyone that perhaps she had her nails done for the picture? And who gives a flying poop if she has long nails, really? Leave the woman alone for crying out loud! This is one of the most ridiculous rants I’ve heard about! Effing loooosers!
    I need to unsubscribe from this garbage….

    • Jessica

      March 7, 2018 at 5:03 am

      Sorry Hayley Malan,nothing personal! I know you’re just doing your job!

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