The Family Of Oklahoma Teen Hit By Car Asking For Prayers

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A 13-year-old boy from Oklahoma who was hit by a car Monday remains in the hospital.

Ben DoBoer was walking with his Mother and sibling in the parking lot of a grocery store, when his mom spotted a woman in a parked car having trouble.

His mother took Ben and his sibling around the front of the car, and at that same time, the driver accidentally hit the gas and hit Ben.

“My understanding is, the tires did go right over his chest,” said Pastor Jim Stevenson.

Ben unfortunately lost his right lung in the accident and also suffered injuries to his other lung and heart.

He was flown to an Arkansas hospital on Wednesday night where they have special equipment needed for Ben.

Since then, the boy has not been conscious.

Friday night, Fox 23 was told that Ben was taken off from one of the machines and showed signs that he could hear his mother’s voice.

Saturday morning, a post on the Pray for Ben Facebook page says that he had a minor setback.

“He was placed back on a particular paralysis drug as well as a particular blood pressure drug. They’ve also switched to a different pain med that has a sedative effect. Simply put, this is a bump in the road, but at least it’s not a scary setback,” the post reads.

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