Family Livid After Kicked Off Delta Flight Over Head Lice

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We hear so many horror stories of parents spending weeks trying to get rid of and cleaning awful, disgusting lice which eventually just end up coming back for more.

Yet, they are also hard to detect – You don’t see it immediately and your child certainly doesn’t realize that they might or might not have it until they start scratching their heads.

A family from Tennessee was absolutely shocked when they found out that their son had lice on a flight from Paris to Nashville. They were even more shocked after a flight attendant discovered the lice herself.

According to Clay Travis, a lawyer and FOX sports analyst, his entire family was removed from a Delta flight from Paris to Nashville during a layover in Minneapolis, following a flight attendant discovered his 6-year-old son had lice.

“I have a wife and three boys, ages 9, 6, and 2 and on June 30th we all flew to London,” Travis wrote on his blog. “During these two weeks in London and Paris our kids took regular baths and we combed their hair after each bath. At no point did either of us see any signs of lice. Until, that is, halfway over the Atlantic Ocean when my six-year-old son needed to go the bathroom.”

Apparently, a flight attendant discovered the lice on the boy and that’s when the captain and crew made the decision to put the entire family off the flight. They were banned from boarding their connecting flight from Minneapolis home to Nashville.

Travis said that the crew informed him that his family was to be quarantined on the plane after landing in Minneapolis — they would not be allowed to board their connecting flight to Nashville.

A short while later, two Delta officials told Travis that his family was “banned from travel” on Delta until they left the airport, got treated for lice, and then returned with a doctor’s note.

And just put yourself in the perspective of a six-year-old kid,” added Travis. “He’s standing there with hundreds of people around, while somebody from Delta is combing through his hair.”

A Delta representative would not comment on the airline’s lice policies but told reporters in a statement:

“We will always prioritize the health of our customers and employees as safety is our top priority,” said the Delta representative. “We will work directly with the family to resolve the issue.”

What do you think? Does the airline have the right to do this?



  1. betty

    August 1, 2017 at 12:12 am

    For once I agree with the airlines. Nobody wants to end up with those lice. Schools won’t let you attend until it’s cleared up with a dr note… IF a stranger can spot the lice, how come the parents can’t? Also IF one kid has lice, the others have it too or will super fast. no….I don’t blame the airlines one bit. Those lice would be left there on the seat… for the next person to get… and others near by on the flight will get them too… at least the child is being forced to get some help now… That is the most important thing…

  2. Gale DeAngelis

    August 1, 2017 at 2:37 am

    I check heads for lice at an elementary school, also my daughter got lice from a slumber party. So I know the pains of going through all of that. It’s a total pain and also you just don’t want any other families to have to go through it. So he can complain all he wants, but lice is a huge thing that you don’t want to spread, BUT what was the reason for Delta to check his hair in front of so many people. That is a private thing. I check 500 kids’ heads in 1 day and I do it one at a time, privately. Weird.

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