An ‘Expert’ Is Pushing for Baby Formula to Only Be Available By ‘Prescription Only’

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The breastfeeding versus formula debate has been going on for decades, yet it still feels as though EVERYONE has an opinion.

Now, there’s one writer who is trying to convince everyone that baby formula is just as gross, disgusting and unhealthy as cigarettes! Yep, cigarettes.

That’s why he wants it not only banned – but made prescription only to make it harder for some mothers to access it for their newborn babies. This is no joke.

Writer Erik Assadourian writes for The Guardian, “Of all the things that we feed to our children, breast milk may be the best: custom-designed for each and every baby, locally sourced, available on-demand and free. Yet parents spend about $11.5bn a year on baby formula, an expensive, less healthy and less sustainable substitute.”

He also says that WHO and UNICEF should work together to curb the dangerous use of baby formula by, “banning all marketing of formula, such as advertising, free samples and product placements require breastfeeding assistance at hospitals; provide paid maternity leave so that women could have the time and security to breastfeed, and so on. It could even make formula a prescription-only product, making formula accessible only as a food of last resort.”

He is basically saying that formula is just as awful as cigarettes.

This is the most ironic part: Erik Assadourian has no kids.

He’s never fed a baby in his life. Yet, he believes that if women all do their part in breastfeeding their babies, there’s no need for formula.

He’s obviously gotten plenty of criticism for his online community.

A lot of people have commented with, “Formula was created because there was a need and desire for a breastmilk substitute that could safely feed newborns. Prior to its commercialization, throughout human history, babies were fed with all manner of substitutes – from wet nursing to grains and paps to unpasteurized, raw animal milks. Many of our grandparents were fed on a combination of caro syrup and powdered milk,.

Another says, “I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day. What planet is this man on? Being a bloke, he’s obviously never had to deal with breastfeeding and how difficult and painful it is for many women. Some women can’t breastfeed no matter how hard they try.”

Another person said, “We adopted our son from Ethiopia and, like most people adopting internationally, he didn’t come home until after the formula/breast milk debate had been chosen for us. It actually made me laugh out loud reading this article. It is such a 1st world stance.”

It’s unbelievable that we live in the year 2017 and that some people think that it’s a good idea to either mandate breastfeeding or insist that formula be prescription only.

What do you think of this idea? Should baby formula be prescription only?!?

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