Evening Stroll Turns Dangerous For This Mom And Child

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We’ve all seen cars on the road that never seem to slow down – even when they see a Mom and kids or a baby in the stroller.

It’s a scary thought that a driver will be distracted on his or her phone and tragedy will strike. For one mother and child in Denver, this is exactly what happened.

An accident happened on Dover Road in Clarksville, TN. The area is a common one for people to walk, however it’s also a low-income area with very few options for pedestrians.

The local news station in Denver reported that the street she was walking on had no shoulders, sidewalks, and the road is broken up with grassy areas within the street as well.

Despite this obvious danger in walking in an area like that, the young Mother obviously had no choice.

The police officer who handled this case explained that many people in the area don’t have vehicles, or they may only one vehicle that the entire family uses, so they are forced to walk.

So 20-year-old Ashli Mancil went out on the busy road with her one-year-old son Jacen in a stroller.

She pushed him while they tried to navigate the traffic safely, and it’s not clear where Mancil was heading with her baby, however, the officer noted that there are several grocery stores along the road that people frequent, including a Kroger.

While the Mother tried to stick to the grassy areas, the specific location she was at did not have any more grassy areas, so she was forced to bring the stroller back into the highway.

Then, a friendly driver stopped to ask the young mother if she needed a ride and it’s incredibly ironic what happened next – as the poor woman was just trying to lend the mom a helping hand.

A car behind her, driven by an 18-year-old young man named Robert Moore, swerved to avoid hitting the woman’s stopped car and then plowed into the young mother and her baby in a stroller.

The mother and her son are both still in intensive care and the police officer who spoke to the media stressed that the public needs to understand that this accident did not happen because of a mother’s negligence.

They’re not out there walking for pleasure,” he stated. “They’re walking for necessity.”

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