Dogs Bark Furiously-When G’ma Sees Why, She Grabs Kids And Runs

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Dogs Bark Furiously-When G’ma Sees Why, She Grabs Kids And Runs

Slayer, a Pitbull of the Butt family, and his best friend Paco were playing outside when they noticed something shady in the grass. At first, they thought nothing of it. But when they realized what the shadow truly was, they went into full protection mode and the lives of their family hung in the balance as this creature emerged and sized up the family.

In the grass was a large venomous snake who was eyeing up the grand children of the Butt family. When the dogs started to bark and alert the family that something was not right, the grandmother quickly sent the kids inside so that they would be safe. When she returned to corral the dogs, her worst nightmare had happened. Both canines had been bitten. And it was only a matter of time before the venom took its toll..

The snake was later identified as a copperhead, which is a very venomous and potent snake that is known to have a very bad temper when it comes to being messed with. The two dogs were watching over the snake, making sure that it would not harm any of the family members when the copper head attacked. It lunged at the two dogs and bit them multiple times, injecting them with deadly venom. Slayer then stepped up, grabbed the dangerous snake by its neck and shook it until it was dead and unable to cause any more harm.

After Slayer had killed the snake, they both began having a reaction to the venom. Melissa Butt rushed both dogs to the vet, but as Slayer’s face was swelling dangerously and his breathing became labored, they were referred to the BluePearl emergency vet in Brandon, Florida, about 40 minutes away. Melissa continued to push the speed limit and tried her best to get there as soon as she could to save the hero that had protected the children of the family.

Each of the dogs were given antivenom as quickly as it could be received by the vet station. After giving the dogs heavy doses of anti-venom. They sat and waited t see how the pups would react. Paco was released nearly a day afterward because he reacted very well to the antivenom. Slayer, on the other hand, is having a large problem with swelling and is still not back to normal after defending his family from the dangerous snake. Every day is a new day, and he plans to take it with a grain of salt and try his best to move forward from the horrid attack. But each day, he slowly progresses.

Without amazing pets like this, there could be so many more bad things that could happen to our children. Thankfully, these amazing and loyal dogs stepped up and made sure that everyone has made it home safe and alive.

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