Doctors Pleading With Parents To Stop Letting Their Kids Eat Hot Cheetos

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There are some snacks that seem to be loved by many all over the world. There is just something about snacking on something salty that is just so satisfying.

If you’re not careful though, you could find yourself sitting there eating the entire bag of chips and not realize it. They’re delicious and eating carrots OBVIOUSLY doesn’t always have the same satisfaction.

Some snacks, like Hot Cheetos, takes a little bit of warming up to for some people though.

Not everyone is able to handle the spice, but those who can, can’t seem to turn away.

Eating healthy is important for kids as we know but we also don’t want to be those parents that deny them every and any treat. They’re going to eventually grow a little bit and find a way to sneak in some sugar, right?

While some treats are harmless, not all snacks are made the same.

Doctors are now issuing a warning that when it comes to something like Hot Cheetos, you’re better off always saying no.

The reason is not something I had never thought about before. And it’s a bit scary actually.

We all know the calories aren’t good, but that’s not why doctors are sharing this warning.

Hot Cheetos have been on the market for a while, and a long while if you count the first time they tried it in the 90s.

It seems that once they hit the market people became became obsessed rather quickly. The snack was polarizing — people either really hated them and thought the idea was pure gross. But the other half of people were borderline addicted.

People really love them.



Schools quickly harped on to the fact that these snacks are not good — like at all.

They were seeing children eating them all over the schools. Not only was it probably an issue for the staff, because who wants fire orange colored stains all over the school work, desks, and walls?

But, these things are like 0% healthy. Not even a small bit of goodness could fake it in there.

A few schools in California banned the snacks from the school in 2009, according to NBC. The school administrators said they would confiscate the bag of snacks if they were brought onto school property.

Two words: Cheetos. Pizza. #CheesePizzaDay

— Chester Cheetah (@ChesterCheetah) September 5, 2017

“We have to provide foods with a certain amount of nutritional value, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos do not meet that, along with countless other snacks,” Pasadena Unified School District spokesman Adam Wolfson said.

The banning policy at some of the schools was started because the Cheetos were causing a lot of disruption, with kids selling them “on the black market,” Wolfson said.

“Are we on a witch hunt for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? No. Are they bad for kids and we’re happy to make it harder for them to eat them? Sure,” he added.

But, now Doctors are warning, too.

Doctors Are Pleading With Parents To Stop Letting Their Kids Eat Hot Cheetos
Doctors Say NOPE

Its not debatable that its not healthy. But that’s not the only reason doctors are warning parents to keep their kids away from these hot snacks.

Doctor Kathleen Berchelmann from St. Louis Children’s Hospital told Healthy Page that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are addicting because of the right amounts of sugar, salt, and saturated fats.

People struggle with putting the bag away, you can’t really just eat one, and that struggle is even harder for kids.

So, already two strikes against the snack. 1: it’s not healthy at all. 2: it’s addictive and the third?

Well, it’s spicy and it’s not playing nice with kid’s stomach.

Spices stick to your gastrointestinal tract — according to the site.

This may cause pain in your intestines and that can rise up to your chest, “likely due to the red peppers and spice contained in the snack,” Dr. Glatter explained, who works at an emergency medicine doctor in New York.

The Doctor also mentioned that eating a bunch of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos can cause your stool to literally turn red… from all the dye.

And that’s been sending kids to the emergency room thinking it’s blood.

Have your kids eaten these before?

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